Rhodes Remediation

Rhodes Remediation Projects

The Rhodes Remediation projects consist of neighbouring contaminated sites that require remediation (cleaning up the contaminated soils) on the Rhodes Peninsula in Sydney NSW.

Thiess Services is undertaking the remediation projects, which consist of the ‘former Lednez/Union Carbide site’, and the ‘former Allied Feeds site’

Thiess Services is one of Australasia’s leading contaminated site remediation and rehabilitation contractors. Thiess Services employs dedicated experts with extensive practical experience with a number of best practice remediation technologies.

Thiess’ experience in contaminated site remediation began in 1984 with the rehabilitation of the Rum Jungle Uranium mine. Since then, over 90 sites across a range of industrial sectors, with varied and complex contamination have been successfully remediated by the company. Further information can be found at the Thiess Services website.